Blockbuster To World: If You Cant Beat em, Give Up

At least at some stores, anyway….

Seems Blockbuster Video has had the grand plan to convert six of their stores, one of which is in Omaha, Nebraska, from a store that offers video rentals and some used product sales, to a store that no longer rents movies but exclusively sells them.

The move is designed to give Blockbuster stores a way to gauge demand for consumer electronics, not to mention figuring out if they can negotiate lower costs with leaseholders on the buildings the stores are located in as well as several other factors.

Frankly, I can’t see this working for Blockbuster–we just lost Circuit City, I can’t imagine Blockbuster Video stepping in to fill their shoes.  But these days, you’ve got to try just about anything and everything to make ends meet.  And who knows?  Maybe Blockbuster can trade on its name sufficiently to make things work out.  Hopefully they can…or there are going to be a LOT of people out of work.