Blockbuster Says Me, Too! to iPhone App

Way to go, Blockbuster, for figuring out what Netflix had down like a month ago–that the iPhone is a great way to be able to sort and reorder your online movie rental queues whilst you’re on the go.

But interestingly enough, the Blockbuster version won’t just let you handle your Blockbuster Online queue.  What it also allows you to do is figure out if your local Blockbuster store has a certain item, and if not, arrange for it to be sent there via Blockbuster’s newly-announced (like we only just talked about it yesterday new) Direct Access service.

Color me puzzled at this point, but if you can already set a movie for delivery via your Blockbuster Online queue, why would you be so concerned about what the store has?  Well, okay, maybe if you live near the store you can get a little added utility out of the deal, but aside from that I’m having a hard time seeing the value.  Things haven’t looked this bad for the video store in a long time–can Blockbuster offer ANYTHING to keep people coming back?