Blockbuster Direct Access Offers Way To Find The Rare Stuff

One of the WORST things about video stores–even places like Netflix and Redbox–is that they don’t have everything.  Maybe you’re like me, and remember back to the old days of the video store and seeing all those boxes on the shelves and your parents wouldn’t let you rent certain titles.  And no, I’m not talking about the stuff they kept in the back, I’m talking about the shoot-em-ups and the slasher flicks.

So now, you’re grown up, you have your own accounts, you’re ready to catch some of those lost pieces.  The only problem is they really ARE lost pieces.  No video store in town has them.  Netflix has the horrible green “save” button underneath it.  Redbox just laughs when you ask.  But Blockbuster’s got a little something new to help out–Blockbuster Direct Access.

Direct Access allows customers of the physical stores to access Blockbuster’s supply houses in order to find a movie not available in stores, and then ships it to their house.  This is actually a smart move, being as your typical Blockbuster may carry three to five thousand titles, but the distribution centers have over ninety thousand.

Of course, with Blockbuster stores on the ropes anyway and most everyone encouraged to use Blockbuster Online, I’m not sure how effective Direct Access will be, or if it’s just a case of too little, too late, but still, it’s a nice idea.