Blockbuster Digital Download Kiosks Get Tested

So the plan is going forward–Blockbuster‘s ready to offer its limited-duration digital downloads of movies at its kiosks, and NCR, the national vending company, is conducting the initial testing.

Apparently, the kiosks were already “digital download ready” from their inception; they just didn’t have it ready to go.  There’s some talk of expansion, too, so maybe some are just more ready than others.  Now, if you were hoping to download them to your SD-compatible laptop or cell phone, I’m sorry to dash your hopes like this, but it’s JUST to your television for now.  Future tests will expand outward, but if you don’t have an SD card port on your television, just forget about this round of tests.

They’ll be offering as many as fifteen hundred titles by 2010, and you’ll have thirty days to watch the movie from when you first purchase it.  But once you start, you’ll have forty eight hours to finish it.

A little too limited to do much good, especially at the opening stages of the game, but hopefully the future versions will open it up a bit.