Blockbuster CEO: Studios Killing Innovation With Raw Greed

Uh oh, folks…the jig is up!

Seems that Blockbuster Video’s CEO, who has seen better days himself, is on record as saying it’s not PIRACY that’s killing video on demand services, it’s pure STUDIO GREED.

Now, as we all know from the relentless anti-piracy campaigning engaged in by the various studios and the MPAA, piracy is directly responsible for robbing people of their livelihoods, as well as the rise in terrorism, drug abuse, Satanism, baby eating and livestock rape all around the world.

But the CEO of Blockbuster is pointing a finger soundly at the studios, saying this:

“Movie studios are still as arrogant as the music moguls were before digital downloads and piracy destroyed them. The only thing that’s protecting the movie studios (from more widespread illegal downloading) now is file size.”

But…but…pirates!  And…stealing!  And…

And most people saw the protestations about piracy for the joke they were years ago.  But it’s good that Blockbuster actually stood up and said something, even if it’s not likely to help anything in the long run.  Interestingly, Netflix said much the same thing when IT was asked…we could be in for interesting times, folks.