Blockbuster Cackles With Glee At Netflixs Embargo Move

Well, folks, chalk one up for Blockbuster, and one for the “shot ourselves in the foot” column for Netflix.

Here’s the word from the CFO of Blockbuster, Thomas Casey, who’s looking at the glass definitely half full on this run:

“It clearly is good news for us, in a sense, we now have product that Netflix won’t have for that 28-day period,” Casey said.

It’s true, no mistake–Blockbuster just positioned itself to take a sizable bite out of Netflix’s metaphorical backside.  Thirty percent of Netflix’s sales are for new releases, and declaring that a major chunk of same would no longer be new at Netflix gives Blockbuster an opportunity to swoop in and say, hey, they’re new HERE.

Granted, this isn’t a crippling blow to Netflix, seven out of ten of whose users couldn’t care less about release dates because they want the old stuff anyway, but it’s a blow nonetheless and a little extra something to keep Blockbuster going through what might well have been a killing blow.