Blockbuster Attempts to Revive Sagging Fortunes With Harry Potter

It’s common knowledge at this point, especially if you’re one of the well-informed sorts who regularly follows us here on Cyber Theater, that Blockbuster’s been getting its metaphorical ass roundly kicked by Netflix and Redbox and most everybody else.

But in a bid to pull themselves up out of the abyss, Blockbuster is sponsoring a line of release parties around the DVD release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

I was actually starting to wonder when this would hit DVD, and it’s not too big a surprise to discover that Blockbuster’s taking advantage of the phenomenon to try and reverse its stunning losses for the year in review thus far.  They’re offering games, prizes, and of course the chance to be first to rent one of the biggest movies of the year.

There are about a dozen or so of these parties going on in places all over the United States, so keep your eyes front if you want to hit one.