Black Friday Sales Down, Cyber Monday Sales Up-Trend?

Now here’s an interesting nugget of business news to kickstart your day, folks.  Seems that all the numbers have come back, and while Black Friday got its tail kicked roundly by shoppers keeping their wallets jammed shut, Cyber Monday and the debit / credit card frenzy appears to have gained some ground.

This is a development that I’ve personally felt was long overdue in coming.  Let’s face it–who wants to hit the pavement, dash to the store at Ungodly O’ Clock in the morning the day after a monster meal with your family (which may have been a monster in and of itself, but anyway) and fend off a ravening horde of bargain-crazed shoppers, of which you happen to be one?  That’s crazy, says I, and probably a whole lot of people say the same thing.

The stigma of online shopping has fallen, and with all the protections on credit and debit cards these days, is safer than ever.  I look for Cyber Monday to become Black Monday within the next ten years.