Black Diamond II Curve Projector Screen

There is a new projector screen in the market that promises to bring your cinematic experience up a notch once again. SI Screens has unveiled its latest product in the Black Diamond II Curve Projector Screen, a successor to the previous one that Simon had posted back in April, the Black Diamond II.

What does this new projector screen bring? Well unlike the first one, the clue is really in the name, Curve. With this new “Curve” feature, viewing has been made easier especially now that it comes with a 30% wider viewing angle.

The new feature is sure to be a great addition for people who demand more for their viewing needs, particularly in the area of viewing videos, playing games and business use. The price for this new projector screen? $4,199.00.

The new Black Diamond II Curve projection screen will be exhibited by the company during this year’s CEDIA Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center from Sept. 10-13, 2009.

(Source) BornRich