Big Surprise Of The Day-Californians Like Big Screen TVs

In one of those weird things Californians seem to dig on incessantly, there was some talk going around about banning most kinds of big screen TVs in the state, because they use too much energy.  But, following a poll taken, some new findings have come to light, and frankly, there’s some hope for the Californians, who have been portrayed as lunatics pretty much everywhere.  Check out these numbers:

– 61% believe there are too many regulations in California as it is.
– 59% believe that such a matter should be the consumer’s choice, not the government’s decision.
– 58% believe that the CEC’s proposed regulation is another example of the costly and unnecessary rules the state continues to force on small business owners.
– 55% believe that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger should stop the CEC from adopting this regulation.

The law, as proposed, would ban the sale of fully twenty five percent of current model televisions, and every single plasma TV larger than sixty inches.  Resolution Economics LLC determined that such a law would cost California fifty million a year in lost tax revenue AND take out about five thousand jobs.

Sounds like California needs to listen to its people.