Big Screen without the Big Bucks


Element HD TV

Think you need big bucks to own an HDTV? Element makes a 32 inch LCD integrated HDTV with 720p high resolution for only $499.00. The set includes user manual, warranty card, power cord, ATSC tuner, a 60Hz refresh rate, 1000:1 contrast ratio, fast 8ms response time, two HDMI inputs, two inputs for audio and other HT components, and three coaxial inputs. Digital audio, headphone, and composite video outputs are included as well. A set of wall mounts to hang the HDTV up will set you back another $49.95, but it’s worth it for the clean look that provides.

With television changing so fast and the move to digital on the near horizon (even if it has been delayed somewhat), there has never been a better time to upgrade to a 21st century television. At this price, almost anyone can ditch that old analog set and step into a new century. Set up is easy, controls are user-friendly, and the picture is every bit as clear and the picture on LCD sets that are much more expensive. The 32 inch LCD Element HDTV is sold at Sears.