Big Bundle, Big Discount-A Fifty Inch Plasma And Blu-Ray Player

Now HERE’S a deal that isn’t even Black Friday related!  That by itself is awesome news. But when you hear the exact terms of this bundle, then you’ll be even more surprised.

So no more preambles–let me lay out the specifics.  This is a fifty inch Samsung 720p plasma TV and a matching Samsung Blu-ray player with a total cost of right around seven hundred eighty bucks.  Now, that’s a good price.  Normally I’d couch that sort of remark with some caveats and explanations, but I’ll tell you this much, this IS A GOOD PRICE.

Why?  Because the plasma television by itself retails, normally, for right around nine hundred bucks.  And to make matters more interesting, the Blu-ray player retails for three hundred fifty.

This bundle is the practical equivalent of buying the plasma television at a hundred and twenty dollar discount and getting the Blu-ray player free.

See what I mean?  That’s a good price, no matter what you might think.  Best get it while you can!