BIDDLE Technology converting Blu-Ray Disc Players Into Global HD Set-Top Boxes

Recently, Dreamer, a Korean-based leader in developing interactive TV-related platforms, announced that it has opened an office in Burbank, CA to serve Hollywood-based customers in a better way with its patented BIDDLE technology. Dreamer also intends to allow continuous update of interactive and customized content to consumers’ TV screens.

Dreamer’s BIDDLE technology has been designed to make it possible for content creators and distributors to deliver customized, interactive programming and services directly to the consumer’s living room TVs through a networked Blu-ray Disc player or a PlayStation 3 gaming console.

"BIDDLE technology is the only BD-Live solution available that allows content providers to continually update and add new applications and services that consumers can access via the same Blu-ray disc, even years after the disc has been released," said Jim Braun, CEO, Namsung America, an exclusive sales and marketing agent for the BIDDLE technology in North America.

Featuring BIDDLE technology, Dreamer has shown that the possibilities for interactive content and services including video/ audio on demand, product catalogs, social networking, advertising, web portals and e-commerce are virtually endless. All these and more can be personalized by region wise using specific players.

Via: Press