Bidding War Breaks Out For YouTubes Front Page

Apparently, folks, the advertisers are starting to get the idea that, when a web site gets a cripplingly massive load of eyeballs, it’s a good idea to have your product or service’s name attached to it so that cripplingly massive load of eyeballs can see it too.

Take for example Avatar, the movie that laid fully a hundred and fifty million bucks into marketing alone.  They bought the YouTube front page in FIFTEEN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES SIMULTANEOUSLY so that they could run the trailer on the front page and also get in a really nifty looking Avatar theme.

YouTube went from marketing pariah to central hub of the video Internet in just a few short months. And that helps folks like us, who are looking to web-based video to help feed our home theater systems, immensely.  As more money flows into YouTube, so too does more credibility and thus more content.

My original predictions that the format wars of the last thirty years will be replaced by one grand final war for streaming video supremacy just might be looking a little more useful.