Bic america any channel



Decent speakers for a decent price.

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BIC America Any Channel – Small Yet Powerful

The price is okay for these okay speakers.

I think these speakers will suit most people just fine because they can handle all types of music adequately. You can listen to jazz, punk, rock or even techno on these and the sound is clear enough for most people to get what they need out of them. However, ardent audiophiles out there won’t appreciate these speakers quite as much.

They’re not bad at all. In fact, for their price, they’re really quite good. But if you’re looking for truly powerful bass and very clear high notes, then you’ll be disappointed with these bookshelf speakers. The BIC America Any Channel is just your standard speaker that’s good for basic listening.

If you’ve listened to top end Bose or Polk, then don’t be surprised to hear a difference when you switch to these speakers. With high-end speakers, it feels like you’re hearing your favorite tunes for the first time because every tiny note is audible. That kind of sound quality can’t be found in the BIC America Any Channels, but that doesn’t mean they’re terrible! They do an adequate job of sound reproduction. You won’t hear muffling or tinny sounds, which is normally the biggest problem with others. It’s simply that the depth is not really there with the BICs.

I do, however, find that these are much nicer to look at compared to many bookshelf speakers. They’re small and I like the color. The speaker cases look a little cheap, but the gray color isn’t bad and it could blend in a room just fine. The cloth speaker covers are also gray, but they’re a little bit lighter in color.

These aren’t the speakers I’d recommend most, but they’re fine for most home listeners considering the price.

Technical Info:

Power handling: 10-125 watts

Driver: 2.5" driver

Model: DV1-S

Item Package Quantity: 1

Speaker type: Satellite speaker

Speakers maximum output power:125 Watts

Speakers response bandwidth: 140 – 20000 Hz

Speaker amplification type: Passive

Speaker connectivity: Wired

Remote control description: None

MSRP: $74.95

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