BG Radia BG BGX-4850 First THX Ultra2 Certified In-Wall Subwoofer


BG Radia has launched its new BG-BGX-4850 subwoofer, which is the very first In-wall subwoofer to win THX Ultra2™ certification. It incorporates THX Balanced Bass-Line™ and THX technology to provide customers ultimate sound experience. The latest subwoofer comes in compact amplifier design and looks quite attractive.

The highly advanced BGX-4850 subwoofer has four separate in-wall bass modules. The BGA-2104 rack-mountable power amplifier/DSP equalizer helps to drive the bass modules. Moreover, it can also be used for on-wall or in-room use.

“From the very onset of our partnership with BG, we wanted to create an in-wall Subwoofer that delivered THX Ultra2 performance in a design that is appealing to the eye and ear,” said Laurie Fincham, Chief Scientist and vice president of R&Dat THX. “The THX Balanced Bass-line technology, with its speaker drivers totally Self-contained within their own enclosures, allows the BGX-4850 to produce deep, natural sounding bass without shaking the walls.”

The BGX-4850 subwoofer supports brilliant 2,000 watts of power and is capable of making realistic playback levels with the most severe amusement content. It also comes with an LED display and remote control.

The BG Radia’s BG-BGX-4850 subwoofer is available to order now at a suggested price of $6995 and it is expected to ship from BG Radia stores beginning in October.

Via: Press