beyerdynamic Tesla T1 Headphones

The new Tesla T1 headphones are the flagship of beyerdynamic’s Premium Line. In a headphone devise, The Tesla T1 is a revolutionary sound converter, designed to deliver unparalleled comfort and audio.

The Tesla T1 is first of its kind to break through the one-tesla barrier of magnetic induction. It features twice the sound pressure of standard headphones and produces high-performance using minimal moving mass in a 600-ohm coil. Stunning materials and structures emphasizes the high quality of the headphones. The new driver technology gives the headphone an enormous boost in efficiency.

For more sound improvement, the headphone supports high-quality, symmetrical 6-pole cable. Designed to satisfy the highest expectations, the open earpieces of the headphone are shielded from disruptive sonic reflections. As with all premium products from beyerdynamic, each T1 headphone is individually finished by hand in Heilbronn, Germany.