Best Buy Getting Into DVD Rental Kiosk Game

Oh man, who’s next?  McDonald’s?  Movie Gallery?  Eventually you’re not going to be able to leave your house without tripping over a DVD kiosk.

But all those names aside, apparently, Best Buy has launched a couple of kiosks for dollar a day DVD rentals, as well as sales of games and videos.

This approach frankly makes some sense.  If you’ve been in a Best Buy lately–and I was, just four days ago–you know how much floor space they have devoted to movies and games.  If they consolidate all that into one central kiosk they’ll drop their floor space requirements vastly and allow them to put in new product lines selling who knows what?  Last I heard, they might bring in electric vehicles like little electric scooters.  But anyway, if you’ve got a Best Buy nearby and not a whole lot of other movie rental options, you may want to give this a try.  Of course, right now, you can only give it a try if you live in Georgia, but they’ll likely expand outward if it works.