Berkline Feel Good Massage Chair-Perfect For Any Home Theater

We look at a lot of components around here on Cyber Theater–we look at speakers and receivers and projectors and everything else.  But it’s easy to forget sometimes that one of the most important parts of any home theater is its seating.  You can have the greatest speakers and projector on earth, but will you sit down and enjoy it if all the seating you could afford was a metal folding chair?

Most likely, no.  And that’s why the Berkline Feel Good Massage Chair, available in the basic Shiatsu massage model for about a thousand dollars, or the zero gravity version for twenty six hundred dollars.

You’re getting  a whole lot of chair for the money on this one–a user-adjustable footrest, a wireless remote, and your choice of massage modes including: Shiatsu (acupressure), Swedish, Kneading, Clapping, Vibration in the Seat, Tapping and Rolling modes.

And, if you go with the zero gravity model, it can actually raise your knees above your heart, and that can promote leg health.  Couple that on with various massage modes, and you just might be doing something really nice for your circulatory system.

That and imagine watching the latest movies while getting a massage from that chair.  Yeah, i know–it’s an amazing thought, isn’t it?