Berkline Concert Series Recliner-A Home Theater Seat And Then Some

I’m not a hundred percent sure that this is the best option for a home theater seat, but I can see where there’d be some appeal.  I’m just not convinced it’s wide enough appeal to merit a product launch.

See, what this chair does is not only provide a comfortable seat to watch movies or the big game or what have you, but it also provides a little something extra–the ability to recharge your battery-driven hardware while you sit in it.

The Berkline Concert Series recliner offers wireless recharging of all your handheld devices, it creates “an electromagnetic conduit combined with an intelligent control system that constantly monitors power flow so various devices from different manufactures can charge at the same time.”

See, what I can’t help but wonder at this point is, why would you need your battery gear recharged in a home theater chair?  Oh, sure, it’d be GREAT for remotes!  Are you kidding?  Never recharge a remote again?  That’d be amazing!  But to pay plenty more for a chair–I couldn’t find any pricing data on this one–for the ability to keep your remotes permanently hot and ready just seems a bit unnecessary.  I’ve got my Rayovac Renewal charger for a reason.