Beospray from Bang & Olufsen Turn Your TV in Gold

What is Beospray you wonder? Well it’s special little spraying solution which you can apply on any anodized aluminum surface and turn it into gold. It’s not gold, but it looks like gold to the naked eye. Who else could have thought it up if not Bang & Olufsen since they have so many fancy ideas for gadgets. The price will obviously will be as high as you can imagine despite the fact it’s not gold we’re talking about here. This is why I’m pretty sure Bang & Olufsen will stick to their regular clients for this product, you know, the ones not even remotely affected by the financial crisis.

Here’s what Bang & Olufsen President and CEO Karl Kristian Hvidt Nielsen had to say:

We are equally pleased with the new color. The golden colored products will most definitely add an additional element of style and sophistication to even the most luxurious surroundings.

via Bang & Olufsen