BenQ W20000 Projector

w5000.jpgBenQ introduced its new cinema class projector – BenQ W20000. The projector features company’s elite Senseye Technology. The BenQ W20000 provides the users true cinematic full 1080p HD feeling and also execute impeccably with an extensive variety of devices from conventional VCR to the latest HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players. Other than this the smart projectors augment image contrast with its Iris technology, which helps in making bright images brighter and dark images become darker.

The W20000 also employs Senseye Technology, Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColorTM technology, and Philips’ ViDi lighting technology, the W20000 exhibit brilliantly at 1,200 ANSI lumens and thus are able to provide accurate colors to counterpart their real-life look. The Brilliant Color Technology worked on by BenQ is a cutting-edge technology that facilitates advanced brilliance levels by boosting mid-tone colors, resultant in more vivacious, exactly rendered colors.

At only 25dB, W20000 let customers take pleasure in their image experience devoid of any disturbing projector noise. These projectors are made with two HDMI slots, in-fitted ISFccc (ISF Certified Calibration Controls) and Panamorph™ lenses for full screen experience at 2.35:1 aspect ratio with no picture deformation. The BenQ W20000 and W5000 will be obtainable in select countries across Europe starting near the beginning December though there is no word from the company on the pricing of the product till now.

Via: BenQ