Benq G2400WT LCD Display

BenQ, a popular company known to produce electronic items, has recently launched its new product called the G2400WT LCD Display. Sporting a fully ergonomic 24-inch display, this LCD from BenQ comes packed with all the latest features and functionalities.

The new BenQ G2400WT LCD Display delivers a dynamic contrast ratio for perfectly detailed pictures. Using this DCR technology, this display can even provide perfect pictures in darkness letting you enjoy movies and even video games. Apart from this, G2400WT LCD Display provides a fast response time of 5ms.

Featuring the new Senseye+Photo Image Technology, G2400WT LCD Display delivers sharp images eliminating jaggies and correcting blurs. It also incorporates the NSTL certified sRGB mode that delivers true-to-film images through your desirable sRGB device.

Via: BenQ