Belkin pure av subwoofer cable

Belkin Pure AV Subwoofer Cable


You have to love an affordable cable, especially if it is one that sounds great when hooked up. You will notice a big difference in sound when you get rid of your old cable and use this. This is a great choice and an affordable one as well.

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Belkin PureAV Subwoofer Cable: Affordable and Durable

You cannot beat a good subwoofer cable that is affordable. I like the durability of theBelkin PureAV subwoofer cable and the price point and even the sound it provides.

Subwoofer cables are designed specifically for the very low-bass frequency subwoofers produce. These use a single jack for both audio input and output. The subwoofer cables that are manufactured by Belkin from the PureAV Silver Series are great in both material construction and its technological advancements ensure great output.

The Belkin PureAV subwoofer cable drastically reduces signal distortion which leaves you with unprecedented audio clarity. This is all due to being manufactured with oxygen-free, PCOCC conductors and silver solder joints. This also helps in maintaining stronger signals and isolates outside noise.

This type of cable will seriously add to your home theatre experience by providing the cleanest sound and maximum noise reduction and interference and that is something we all want. The quality of the materials Belkin uses is really good, I am very impressed and surprised that such an affordable cable can work so well.

Another important factor when considering audio cables is the protection of the wire itself. Not only is insulation of the wire vital, it is important to look at the sheathing that will protect against wire damage even if it’s bent. It looks and feels to me like this cable is plenty durable for use in any home.

The Belkin PureAV subwoofer cable also has the ability to keep signal loss to an absolute minimum. It does this through precise contact using such high end materials as the 8-cut, 24k gold-plated connectors.

One of the factors often overlooked is how easy cable installation should be. Belkin makes using these cables as simple as possible through non-slip rubber grips and integrated color coding, so you are never at a loss as to where the cable goes. When you are in a tight spot, the rubber grips really come in handy.

When you want deep and tight bass and richer low frequencies then you want to get a Belkin PureAV subwoofer cable.

Technical Info:

Model: AV20500-25

Item Package Quantity: 1

Cable Type: Subwoofer Cable

Left Connector Type: RCA

Left Connector Gender: Male

Right Connector Type: RCA

Right Connector Gender: Male

Length: 25 Feet or 15 Feet

MSRP: $39

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