Belkin pure av 15 gauge flat speaker wire



Overall I like the Belkin PureAV 15 gauge flat speaker wire. I like the strength and durability, I like the flat and easy to hide design and I love the sound that I hear when it is used.

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Belkin PureAV 15 Gauge Flat Speaker Wire: Easy to Install

Great speaker wire, it is easy to use and durable. It would be just about perfect if it did not have all male tips.

One of the greatest aspects about the Belkin line of audio equipment and its PureAV technology is its ability to deliver excellent audio clarity and superior performance grade through the use of the advanced technological advancements. The Belkin PureAV 15 gauge flat speaker wire falls in this category by using 99.99% purity copper conductors. These conductors provide better high frequencies.

This can only be achieved through the use of carefully selected materials like polyethylene dielectric materials that not only provide the most precise contact, but also increase durability. Love it!

The Belkin speaker wire uses 8 corrosion-resistant 24K gold speaker pins and an abrasion resistant and flexible PVC jacket that give maximum durability. This kind of durability means that you will not have to replace your wiring for a long time.

This is a perfect wire for receivers provided you ensure that your receiver can work with male left and right connector genders (these are approx 4 inches in length) and that they match the receiver’s speaker ports.

If you do this you’ll find these speaker wires will perfect for your application needs.

I find the Belkin PureAV 15 gauge flat speaker wire to be superior to the 16 Gauge as the 15 gauge provides more copper and improves the power transfer and sound accuracy.

I love how this wire allows you to hide it easily along baseboards and under carpet due to its thin, flexible design while the white PVC jacket offers both maximum durability and long life. Due to this jacket design, the flat speaker wire will also ensure maximum signal transfer and the prevention of corrosion thus adding to its precise sound capabilities.

The Belkin wire even generates better high frequencies through the durability of the gold speaker pins, which are easily identifiable for installation through the red and black color-coding. I think this speaker wire is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who can use it.

Technical Info:

Item Package Quantity: 1

Length: 30 ft

Cable Type: Speaker Cable

Copper Conductors: 99.99% purity

Speaker Pins: 24K gold

Jacket: Abrasion resistant PVC

Left Connector Type: Pin

Left Connector Gender: Male

Right Connector Type: Pin

Right Connector Gender: Male

Length: 4 inches

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

MSRP: $29.99

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