Bat Cave / Man Cave

Batman Cave

If you really, really enjoyed The Dark Knight and have an extra $500,000 laying around, Elite Home Theater Systems will set up a realistic “bat cave” home theater system that comes with Batman wall sconces, stalactites, a grated steel floor and a variety of special gadgets that light up and make spontaneous bat-like noises. “We chose to go with the Batman theme because the environments are very visual and give that ‘wow’ effect,” says Elite Home Theater CEO and founder Bobby Bala. “In our opinion, Batman is a bit more cool, dark and ‘theaterish’ than, say, Spider-man. It also has a few more props that can be more easily incorporated into a home theater.”

The darkish set up includes everything except the actual home theater visual and sound equipment—Bala will get you comfy and in the mood, but if you want to actually watch a movie, you’ll have to shell out additional cash.