Bang & Olufsen Launch Flute-Like BeoTime Alarm Clock and Remote

We’ve gotten used to see Bang & Olufsen outstanding designs meant to improve your whole multimedia experience and today we have one more gadget for you. It’s not a surround system or a HDTV but it’s an alarm clock that also doubles as a remote during the day.

The BeoTime can serve as an alarm clock but it also can be used to control various Bang & Olufsen gadgets. It looks like a flute since its creator, Steffen Schmelling, was inspired by Mozart’s The Magic Flute when he made it. Those cubes will turn into tiny displays and you should have no problem controlling some of your favorite devices with it. The BeoTime remote will be available sometime in August for just $375 which is much cheaper than we would have expected it. Not that paying $375 for an alarm clock I will grow to hate is something that I’d do, but compared to other B&O prices we’ve seen, the BeoTime is definitely more affordable.

via B&O