BAFTA Selects Dolby 3D Digital Cinema

Dolby will no doubt be among the first thing that would come into mind when you talk about complimentary audio to events and visual entertainment. Hence it is not surprising to find out that the British Academy of Film and Television Arts have chosen Dolby to be installed at the Princess Anne theater at 195 Piccadilly.

Ably accommodating 220 people in seating capacity, it is only fitting that Dolby 3D Digital Cinema be chosen as the audio solution for this theater which houses many industry events. To date, the theater already has a selection of Dolby digital cinema equipment, including a Dolby Digital Cinema server and Dolby Show Library, Dolby DMA8Plus Digital Media Adapter, and Dolby CP650 Cinema Processor. With the addition of the Dolby 3D Digital Cinema experience, that roster just got better.

“We have been proud to be involved with the work of BAFTA for many years,” said Julian Pinn, Manager, Business Development, Dolby Laboratories, “and the choice by the Academy to add Dolby 3D Digital Cinema to their already excellent facilities reinforces their commitment to providing the very best screening and presentation facilities at 195 Piccadilly.”

(Source) Press