B & Ws CT8.4 LCRS 800 series Speakers

.Bowers & Wilkins are going to launch their new series of Custom Theater 800 series in the on-going CEDIA 2007 Expo at Denver. CT8.4 LCRS is part of this great series from B & W. Incorporating the legendary technologies of the B & W’s 800 series, CT8.4 LCRS give high performance with its stand-alone speakers. Within a complete 800-series custom system, CT8.4 LCRS functions excellently in front, side and rear channel duties. Compact in size, it takes less space as compared to the CT8 DS side/ rear channel speaker. CT8.4 LCRS features 8-inch Kevlar/ paper woofer, 1-inch aluminum Nautilus-loaded tweeter that yields almost the same authentically three-dimensional listening experience than its larger siblings. Also with this new speaker, you get 6-inch woven-Kevlar FST midrange. This new product from B & W can be yours October onwards in just $4,000.