AVerMedia AVerTV DVI Box 7

AVerMedia recently announced the availability of the successor to AVer TV Box 7. The new AVerTV DVI Box 7 takes assistance of a LCD/CRT monitor to unite users with analog TV screening over-the-air or by an ordinary analog TV coax cable.

The new Set-Top Box from AVerMedia provides users with absolute TV tuner way out for tuning any LCD/CRT monitor or projector in a TV and more. It is capable enough to render signals from the multimedia projector into a TV and a plug-n-play multimedia pursuit center.

The AVerTV DVI Box 7 offers its users the ease to connect multiple devices including camcorders, DVD players, as well as game consoles. The device includes outstanding “Picture Pause” features that allow users to pause any image or scene not to miss any important information.

Additionally, the AVerTV DVI Box 7 Tuner comes with 13 channel preview, unsurpassed transparent PIP Technology. It is a flexible solution to exploit your multimedia entertainment viewing experience. The AVerMedia AVerTV DVI Box 7 Tuner is just available at a suggested $119.99 MSRP.