Augmented Reality Available with Head-Mounted Displays?

Augmented Reality? Well don’t mind if I do! Do I have to wear any kind of special glasses? Of course I do! The head-mounted displays will do wonders and they will let you enjoy Augmented Reality applications. And it looks like more than one company is ready to develop such interesting gadgets. The head-mounted displays have been shown at the SID Display Week 2009 but we have no idea when we’ll actually see a commercial product ready. Lumus Ltd from Israel and Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems are apparently working on those head displays. Let’s hope they’re going to improve the aesthetics of the device too soon. It should be very inconvenient to walk around with a device attached to your head like that.

AR will increase your human recognition abilities by mixing together various real-world information and computer generated data. A Terminator-like kind of gadget. The HMD will help you see images that will seem like they are straight in your face although they clearly aren’t.

via nikkeibp