Audyssey Sub Equalizer for Subwoofers

If there is one part of an audio setup that is hard to mix, it has to be the subwoofers. Known to carry mostly the bass power, all that may be addressed know that there is a specific sub equalizer courtesy of Audyssey. The Sub Equalizer uses the award-winning MultEQ XT technology to correct the most difficult problem in home theater sound: low frequency distortion caused by room acoustics.

The Sub Equalizer solves acoustical problems in both frequency and time domains. By utilizing MultEQ XT, it measures the entire listening area in the time domain and uses thousands of correction points to create a high-resolution equalization solution.

“Our intention is to enable deep and accurate bass in any listening environment for every listener,” says Michael Solomon, Chief Executive Officer of Audyssey. “This is part of our mission: to extend MultEQ and solve the most challenging sound reproduction problems for audio enthusiasts.”

So if you are not satisfied with the audio delivery of your current home theater equipment speakers and woofers, here is one device that can resolve all that. The Sub Equalizer will be made available starting July 1.

(Source) Press