Audyssey DSX Surround Sound Offers You Support for Up to 11 Speakers

If you are just crazy for surround sound then you absolutely have to check out what Audyssey Labs has for you. The company has created a new Dynamic Surrounds Expansion system which will increase the number of speaker used to up to 11. The system focuses on the audio coming form in front of you since that’s what the ears can differentiate best. The DSX has two speakers mounted high at a 45-degree angle and two speakers placed farther to each side to create width. With the two surround back channels and the regular left, right and center channels you get to 11 speakers working for you. That’s right, that’s a lot of speakers which should deliver a great audio experience. Expect the DSX-enabled receivers to arrive this summer and you’ll be on your way to enjoying better movies.

via audyssey