Audiovox WHT24 Wireless Speaker System FCC Approved


FCC has approved Audiovox WHT24 wireless speaker system, which consists of a transmitter and two receivers. It offers quality-of-service channel that can assurance interference-free, uncompressed and full CD excellence sound.

The wireless system displays short image at acoustic latency and an extremely vigorous RF link that is impervious to interference from 2.4 GHz devices including cordless phones, microwave ovens, wireless LANs, cell phones etc. It comes with an antenna division assortment, which works for confrontation to fading and indication dropouts.

The distinguish feature of the WHT24 wireless speaker is that its stand comes in two parts including the speaker wire already string through poles. It is shipped from the factory pre-linked and re-linking is normally not required. While hearing any program content immediately, the users must still carry on to link the receivers.

Audiovox WHT24 wireless speaker system comes with RF technology, which is the most robust audio streaming link. The customers can set the wireless system anywhere in their home with ease and can hear amazing sound through speakers.

The Audiovox WHT24 wireless speaker system will be available soon in the market and then the customers can purchase it for immense sound experience!

Via: FCC