Audiocom Sony SCD-1 Upgrade

Audiocom, distributor of esoteric product upgrades and performance ‘tweaks’, have introduced a series of DIY upgrades for the SCD-1, Sony’s highly regarded flagship SACD player.

According to Audiocom, the modifications “…do not involve any dubious alterations of circuit design, but are passive or active component replacements in key areas of the circuit. All the parts used in the modifications are leading edge components which, when combined, achieve higher resolution, neutrality, synergy and musicality!

All the parts for the series of modifications are available from Audiocom, priced individually as follows or as a complete kit (Ј1,505.00):

Audio board electrolytic capacitors: Ј201.14
Audio board resistors: Ј567.00
Audio board regulators: Ј199.75
Audio board op-amp modules: Ј130.00
Power board electrolytic capacitors: Ј287.26
Power board regulators: Ј119.85

If you’re not up to the work yourself, Audiocom can upgrade players on request (for an additional fee). Modification kits and upgrades are available in the US via Kyle Takenaga ([email protected]), ModWright LLC ( and Audiomod (