Audio Fidelity Releases Jimmy Reed on Super Audio CD

Audio Fidelity continues to bring classic albums to market with the release of Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall in the Super Audio CD format. The new edition of this album features all 23 songs from the original release which initially appeared as a 2 album set on Vinyl LP in the 1960’s on the VeeJay label and was later reissued as a Stereo CD.

Audio Fidelity describes the new SACD by noting that

“In the sixties Jimmy Reed songs were on everybody’s set list. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1991, Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall was the first blues album to truly cross over and influence a whole generation and continues to spread its influence today. Everyone from Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Slim Harpo, The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Climax Blues Band, and countless others were influenced by Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall. It was not only his great songs, but it was Jimmy’s whole sound that everyone wanted to emulate. This album includes all of his greatest hits and was released in the prime of his career. Jimmy not only had hits on the R&B charts but also crossed over 11 times on Billboards Hot 100, unheard of from a blues man. The sound on Audio Fidelity’s SACD has been recreated on this disc has never been better or more clearer, demonstrating what a musical genius Jimmy Reed truly was. The sound holds onto the raw energy. You can hear every guitar, harp and vocal note and it sounds like Jimmy is sitting in your living room. Jimmy is a true American Classic, whose songs have become standards. This collection is a must for blues and music fans. Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall is a piece of history.”


Album Tracks
1. Bright Lights Big City
2. I’m Mr. Luck
3. What’s Wrong, Baby
4. Found Joy
5. Kind of Lonesome
6. Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth
7. Tell Me You Love Me
8. Blue Carnegie
9. I’m A Love You
10. Hold Me Close
11. Blue Blue Water
12. Baby What You Want Me to Do
13. You Don’t Have to Go
14. Hush Hush
15. Found Love
16. Honest I Do
17. You Got Me Dizzy
18. Big Boss Man
19. Take Out Some Insurance
20. Boogie In The Dark
21. Going to New York
22. Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby
23. The Sun is Shining

Album Credits and the Sound
As with earlier Audio Fidelity SACDs, this one was mastered by audiophile mastering specialist Steve Hoffman and the DSD Engineering was done by Lon Neumann from the Sony SACD Project Suite in Hollywood. The album features direct transfers from the original stereo and mono master tapes.

Listeners to the new Super Audio CD edition will be dazzled with the detailed sonics of the disc. It features a clarity in the vocals and instruments that belie the age of the master tape from the 1960s.

Also worth noting is that unlike many new remasterings of classic albums, this one hasn’t had its Stereo image “narrowed”. Instead, it maintains the original Stereo mix which places the harmonic and Reed’s vocals in the Left channel and the drums and guitar in the Right channel. While it’s not reflective of how today’s new Stereo CDs would be mixed, retaining the original imaging works this time, revealing the talent of Reed and his band.

The new Jimmy Reed Live at Carnegie Hall album on Super Audio CD disc is now available at Tower Records stores. It is also available at web stores that carry SACDs including Acoustic Sounds, Elusive Disc and Music Direct. Due to the number of songs on the disc, it sells for a list price of $17.98 – $2.00 higher than Audio Fidelity’s regular SACD price of $15.98.

Bob Marley SACD – Coming Soon from Audio Fidelity
With the Jimmy Reed SACD now on the market, Audio Fidelity is turning its attention to an upcoming release from Reggae giant Bob Marley. The upcoming SACD, entitled “Young Mystic” (Audio Fidelity AFZ 021), contains new mixes of 15 tracks by Marley. The songs on the new SACD will feature new mixes created from the master tapes, direct to DSD, by Mastering Engineer Steve Hoffman. It should be a release to watch for. The Marley SACD is due out shortly at a list price of $15.98.