AU Optronics Convex Curved Display at Display Taiwan 2008

We all know that AU Optronics Corp. exhibited world’s first Convex Curved Display at SID 2008 in May. Now it will premiere the same display at the upcoming Display Taiwan 2008. Based on special thinning technology, the display features a curved radius of 100 mm and TFT-LCD process on glass substrate.

Regularity in brightness and contrast on the convex curved surface is maintained, thanks to the specially designed curved backlight unit. Convex Curved Display is applicable on curved display applications like dashboards, watches etc.

TFT- LCD technology reaches a new height in color performance and image quality, thanks to the new convex curved Display technology. Taipei will see both convex and concave curved displays at Display Taiwan 2008 with no word of mouth on price as yet.

Via: Press