ATV Bootloader lends XBMC & Boxee Functionality to Apple TV

It is good news for all Apple product aficionados that ATV Bootloader has appended the XBMC, as well as Boxee hook up to Apple TV. Andrew, Boxee’s marketing partner says, "Apple TV will play any type of content you want.  ISO, CUE, BIN, MKV, AVI, OGG, whatever format, codec, container you want.  It will also be able to access most streaming media from places like CNN, BBC, Cnet, Rev3,, and more.  Before the end of the year you’ll be watching Hulu via your AppleTV…"

ATV Bootloader adds a latest menu option to your Apple TV, which enables user to launch Boxee. When you start running the Boxee on your ATV, you can do a lot more, such as playing almost any video format, having wonderful experience of browsing your media player, listening to music and so on. So just add XMBC and Boxee to your Apple TV to explore full entertainment!