Atlantic Technology THX Ultra2 In-Wall Speaker


Recently, Atlantic Technology replaced its flagship IWTS-20 LCR with the latest model IWTS-30 LCR THX Ultra2 Certified in-wall loudspeaker. Designed for use as the left, right and center front channels in a state-of-the-art home theater system, Atlantic Technology IWTS-30 LCR speakers ensure sonic accuracy and performance. Incorporating the company’s exclusive Low Resonance Tweeter LRT, these speakers will deliver exceptional off-axis listening.

“The in-wall 20 LCR has been our flagship for nearly a decade now,” said Atlantic Technology CEO, Peter Tribeman. “but with advances we’ve made in driver and crossover technology, and improved installation flexibility, we finally felt we could deliver a product that beat the king of the mountain. The IWTS-30 LCR is flat-out the best sounding in-wall we’ve ever made, and it makes no apologies for being an in-wall. We know of no other architectural solutions that deliver this kind of performance and flexibility at anywhere near this price point.”

Atlantic Technology IWTS-30LCR comes with an 8-inch GLH woofer, 1-inch Low Resonance Tweeter and two 3-1/2 inch GLH midrange drivers. Its midrange drivers and tweeters come arranged in a vertical M-T-M configuration that can be tilted up to 8 degrees as per the preferred listening position. The IWTS-30LCR from Atlantic Technology will be available in the market May onwards at a suggested retail price of $ 1,250 per speaker and $ 75 for the separate GFR-626 Grille and Frame assembly.

Via: Press