Atlantic Technology System 6200e


After great success of Atlantic Technology’s popular System 6200 home theater speaker line, the company recently rolled out its advanced version for home theater partisans. The new System 6200e comes with improved cabinets, pared configuration options, and THX-Ultra2 certification. The latest system is redesigned to integrate ideally with Atlantic’s THX Certified system 4200e dipole surround speakers, delivering a completely convincing surround field. This 5.1-channel system would cost $6,500. New system’s original pedestal subwoofer systems have been replaced by the company’s more traditional box-style THX Certified 642e SB subwoofers. To eliminate the problems that occurred during stocking and selling the previously optional cabinet panels, 6200e LR and 6200e C speakers now feature conventional permanently attached side panels in a satin black finish.