ATI All-In-Wonder HD

AMD_logo Recently, AMD expanded The Ultimate Visual Experience for North America with the ATI All-In-Wonder HD, combining award-winning ATI Radeon Premium graphics and ATI TV Wonder HD tuner technology card in one PCI Express 2.0 solution. Considered as the newest multimedia powerhouse to join the line of All-In-Wonder products, ATI All-In-Wonder HD is capable of transferring the PC into a digital video recorder for HDTV.

“Never before has this level of HDTV and graphics performance been seen in an all-in-one PC multimedia solution,” said Matt Skynner, vice president of marketing, Graphics Products Group, AMD. “The award-winning ATI All-In-Wonder lineage is built on long-standing leadership in TV and video on the PC. For the hundreds of thousands of owners of previous ATI All-In-Wonder models and for those hungry to realize the full potential of their PC, we’re excited and proud to introduce the newest addition to AMD’s PCTV product family.”

This new product from AMD features ATI Catalyst Media Center, DVD video authoring and video conversion technologies. ATI All-In-Wonder HD will be available at a suggested retail price of $ 199 through Diamond Multimedia and VisionTek at leading computer retailers across North America by late July.

Via: AMD

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