Asus Launched Four 16:9 LCD Monitors

Are you looking for a new LCD monitor? Asus has no less than four 16:9 LCD ready for you.

The widescreen LCDs that Asus launched go from 18.5 inch to 23.6 inch. The LCDs will get you a 300 cd/ms2 brightness, dynamic contrast feature and an ultra fast panel response rate.

The 18.5 inch version or the VH192 will get you a WXGA (1366×768) widescreen with a 10,000:1 contrast, DVI-D, VGA but no HDMI connectivity.

The other LCDs will bring you full HD 1080P monitors with 1920×1080 screen resolution and they come with HDMI inputs. The 21.5 inch VH226 will get you a 12,000:1 contrast and a Color Shine glare-type panel. The VH222 is a 21.5 inch LCD while the VH242 is a 23.6 inch. Both monitors will get you a 20,000:1 contrast and a digital SPDIF audio output.

Prices you ask? We have no idea yet! Availability dates? We have no idea yet!