Asus Expands MyCinema PCTV Cards Series

ASUS, the name famous for producing amazing multimedia gadgets, has recently announced two new PCI-express TV cards. This new PC TV Cards Series comprises of two great models, including the ASUS My Cinema-PE6200 Analog and ASUS My Cinema-PE6100 Analog.

Both the new ASUS My Cinema PCTV Cards are capable to render analog TV programs. Embedded with MPEG2 hardware encoders, these cards reduce CPU loading and provide high-quality video outputs. These new cards allow the users to easily enjoy complete all-in-one multimedia entertainment on their PCs.

The new ASUS My Cinema PCTV Cards Series incorporates the ASUS VideoSecurity Online technology. Both the ASUS My Cinema-PE6200 and PE6100 Cards come with a fully functional remote control that makes it easy for the users to gain instant access to watching TV, TV recording and channel surfing.

Via:  Asus