ASUS Eee Box to appear in home theaters?


Everyone know’s of the Eee PC right? The little laptop that pretty much introduced the “netbook” form factor to the computing world? Well, the much less talked about Eee Box (pictured above), which has been on the market for some time now, has just gotten an update that may give home theater enthusiasts reason to take notice.

Formally entitled the Eee Box B204, and B206, their 1.6Ghz Intel Atom processor, coupled with an ATI Radeon 3400 GPU sporting 256MB of RAM, isn’t exactly a hardcore gamers dream machine. But, with the newly added HDMI port (not the mention it’s ability to handle 1080p video) the updated Eee Box may be exactly what your home theater is looking for.

While it hasn’t hit the market yet, just imagine with a beefy external harddrive, this little wonder could turn your home theater into a completely interactive experience. Sure, you could get a TiVo box or any of those other fancy Blu-ray players with all their newly announced Netflix streaming and all, but let’s be honest, what can those boxes do, in terms of media streaming, that a fully functional PC can’t do (besides play Blu-rays, obviously)? 

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