Asus Asteio D22 supports Viiv

Those who are fans of PC Media Centre should take a look at the new Asus’ Asteio D22 which draws it juice from the powerful dual-core Core 2 Duo desktop processor and has a 1GB of RAM and 250GB of Hard Drive under its hood.

The new Asteio D22 seeks to be the ultimate entertainment solution and incorporates Nvidia 7600 GS-based graphics card and a two-week electronic programme guide with a a pair of digital TV tuners. This one is HD ready and one comes across HDMI, component-video output, SCART, s-video and DVI ports. Other features include; USB, Firewire, Gigabit Ethernet ,eSATA, multi-format DVD writer, 13-in-one memory card and a radio-frequency wireless keyboard with an integrated trackpad.

To make the sweet dealer, the generous souls at Asus have also thrown in a Windows Media Center remote control and a 802.11g Wi-Fi adaptor too No word on pricing or availability.