ARTS Release SACD of Peruvian Music

One of the latest SACDs from ARTS Music is the strangely titled ‘Esa Noche Yo Baila – Feast und Devotion in High Peru of the 17th Century’ performed by Musica Ficta.

Not entirely a mainstream title, even for SACD, so we’ll leave the description to ARTS Music’s Andrea Hentschke:

“It’s no longer a secret among lovers and classicists of historic music performances that the repertoire of 17th century Latin-American music holds real treasures. That is why the Columbian ensemble Musica Ficta, specialised in instrumental music and vocal recitation, sought out works of that time and decided to release them on a beautiful ARTS hybrid SACD.

“The music is fascinating because apparently incompatible elements such as dances, women, God and the Virgin Mary were brought together. Borders between the culture of the common people and the noble, between the clerical and secular world were overstepped. Pictures of love and devotion as well as feasts and worship come to mind whilst listening to the Hispanic-American Baroque music.

“It is a great pleasure for us to present you with these enjoyable works in our ARTS authentic blue line as hybrid SACD in multichannel surround sound.”

Composers feature include: Cabanilles, Marin, de Murdia, Ximenez, Guerau, de Herrera, Imana, Peruvanian, Spanish and Bolivian anonymous. The disc is ARTS 600554 77278 3 and runs for 69.41 minutes.