ARTS Release Bach’s Christmas Oratory

ARTS Music continues their SACD release schedule with a new disc for the Christmas season, a recording of Bach’s Christmas Oratory. Diego Fasolis conducts the ensemble I Barocchisti and the Coro della Radio Svizzera. Performers include Lynn Dawson (soprano), Bernhard Landauer, Charles Daniels, (tenor) and Klaus Mertens (bass).

From ARTS:

Is there a better moment to release a Christmas oratory than during Christmas time? Surely not! That is why ARTS Music presents the Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach on two hybrid SACDs in multi-channel sound in November! Under the guidance of Diego Fasolis well known soloists like Charles Daniels and Klaus Mertens as well as the Coro della Radio Svizzera and I Barrocchisti make music.

It is unimaginable today that for a whole century the Christmas Oratorio was forgotten after the death of J. S. Bach. Even though the music is handed down in the composer’s own manuscript and in its original choral form, it was only found in 1857 after the rediscovery of the great passions by the Berliner Musikakademie for performing practice. Today, almost 150 years later, it can no longer be omitted from the spiritual repertoire.

We are very happy to present this splendid spiritual recording as an original ARTS authentic release, the catalogue number is: 47714-8.