Artcoustic Modular On-Wall Speakers

Artcoustic Loudspeakers, the makers of high performance loudspeakers has launched Artcoustic Modular On-Wall Speakers through their exclusive distributor, StJohn Group. The modular line speakers were being introduced in the North American market and consists of three latest speakers having interchangeable baffles. These baffles are created in a way to complement the height and breadth of flat panel displays or TVs.

Modular On-Wall Speakers are produced with the least number of models to address the highest number of sizes of new ultra thin flat panel video displays. The modest price of these models starts at US$ 680 each, and US$ 1,060 each with baffle and art screen options.

The three speaker modular line consists of Modular One, Modular L+C+R, and Modular Cinema. The Modular One with 9.8" H x 3.1" W and 2.1" Depth is considered as the miniature speaker being produced by Artcoustic Loudspeakers so far, designed to best fit as on-wall or in-wall application.

The L+C+R is a tiny version of the 1998 creation of Artcoustic – the DF-Multi, which is now popular as all-in-one three-channel speaker, sized at 3.1" H x 25.6" W and 2.1" D. And the Modular Cinema is an upgrade version of Artcoustic’s L+C+R all in one DF-Multi models having added feature of two reversed-phase rear channel drivers in a flexible design, sized at 3.1" H x 25.6" W and 2.1" D.