Arkados NuVos Renovia and Russounds Collage Multi-Room Audio

Improving the audio quality of your current home theater setup does not need to be expensive and rather than replace your existing audio equipment, Arkados has a couple of new multi-room audio systems that can incorporate HomePlug powerline communications technology (PLC) to enable these audio systems to distribute high-quality digital music through the existing electrical wires in a home without any additional, dedicated audio wiring.

The two models are:

  • NuVo’s Renovia system is a multi-source, multi-zone system offering reliable great-sounding audio without invasive and time-consuming installation.
  • Russound’s Collage is a new powerline-based media and intercom system using PLC technology to distribute media throughout the home.

“HomePlug powerline technology allows Russound to re-invent the whole-house audio environment. Russound continues to explore new ways to expand our markets. Our new Collage media and intercom system employs Arkados HomePlug solutions to deliver innovative functionality, performance and elegance that is also very easy to use.”

(Source) Press