Ariston RCC 300 In-Wall Subwoofer at CEDIA 2007

.Ariston recently unveiled its latest RCC 300 In-Wall Subwoofer at the CEDIA 2007. It belongs to the Series of Reactance-Cancelling Subwoofers. Get high fidelity sound without vibration or jitter with the Ariston RCC 300 In-Wall Subwoofer. The company claims the latest product is a compact version of the original, award-winning RCC 600 Series. Priced $800.00, the RCC 300 In-Wall Subwoofer boasts a bass performance equivalent of a 10-inch floor-standing subwoofer. These are very small and easy to install. Consuming comparatively less space, they can be purchased at affordable rate. These subwoofers are suitable for almost all environment types.

Via: VPO